Meet the future

Meet the future

10 December 2020 News from the Company

The service center in the Ryazan region hosted one of the most exciting events of the year in November - the presentation of the new John Deere 8R and 8RT tractors.*


Tons of equipment produced hundreds of kilowatts of sound in the service room of the EkoNiva-Technika branch in Ryazan region. A light show illuminated the enthusiastic faces of the invited guests, pyrotechnical effects and a wall of fog raised the pulse rate. The atmosphere before the presentation of the new tractors was heated to the extreme. Only seconds remained until the climax, the curtains fell and the hall exploded with applause. The farmers in Ryazan were among the first in Russia to see the modernized John Deere 8R and 8RT tractors.

The new machines are capable of operating under the most difficult conditions with maximum productivity. The tractors are equipped with John Deere PowerTech PSX 9.0L engines with power ranging from 230 to 410 hp. The integrated emission control system complies with all regulations and helps to reduce operating costs and increase productivity.

"The modernized eighth series tractors are John Deere's calling card," says Maxim Gudukin, Managing Director of EkoNiva-Technika. "Bold design and optimum comfort were developed by John Deere together with experts from the BMW Designworks studio in California (USA). John Deere 8R and 8RT tractors are capable of performing a wide range of field work. The power loss of the engine is only 6%. Self-propelled machines of other brands lose two to three times more power. So when you buy a Series 8 John Deere tractor, you can be sure that all the 'horses' under the bonnet will be working for you".


For maximum productivity and ease of operation, John Deere engineers equip the new tractors with two types of transmissions. The well-known PowerShift transmission improves fuel efficiency. Shifting under heavy loads is quiet and smooth. The John Deere e23 transmission has 23 front and 11 rear gears. This ensures good performance in the field and also increases fuel efficiency by 3%.

"Working with navigation saves fuel and rationalizes the consumption of pesticides, fertilizers and seeds," Maxim Gudukin continues. "These are the things that make up the bulk of the cost of agricultural production. The updated John Deere Series 8 tractors are factory-fitted with a StarFire 6000 receiver. It quickly adapts to full signal accuracy, comes with calibration and even has anti-theft protection. And for those who need maximum precision, we offer a signal that allows you to work with an accuracy of up to three centimeters."

The hydraulic system used on modernized tractors delivers the required power according to the task at hand. The system is capable of engaging up to six selective spool valves at the rear and up to two at the front. They deliver up to 321 liters/min of power to drive the largest implements and, in economy mode at low speeds, 227 liters/min at 1,500 rpm.

On the "Skonnikov" farm, John Deere's self-propelled agricultural machines have been preferred for many years. At present the farm has two John Deere Series 8 tractors, two Series 7 tractors and one Series 6 tractor.

"We were already positively surprised by the earlier models of John Deere tractors," says Igor Skonnikov, the manager of "Skonnikov" farm (Ryazan region), with a smile. "The modernized machines of the eighth series impress with their bold design, new technological solutions and limitless possibilities. These tractors have passed more than a dozen tests and demonstrated excellent performance with an overall efficiency of up to 94% - a unique figure. Next year we are considering buying a new tractor and the John Deere 8R would be a great fit for us".


Operator performance depends on the level of comfort. John Deere engineers take special care to create good working conditions in their machines. Spacious cabs, superior design and exceptional build and finish quality will allow the operator to enjoy his work. Thanks to triple glazing and front soundproofing, the noise level in the cab is much lower. Visibility in the new cab is also better. The seat can be rotated 40 degrees to allow an unobstructed view of the attachments. The CommandARM control console integrates ergonomically important tractor control functions for transmission and engine management, as well as PTO and selective control valves.

"I am a newcomer to the agribusiness and I have only known EkoNiva-Technika for a short time," says Igor Trifonov, the head of Everest-Agro (Ryazan region). "The dealer has never given any reason to doubt his reliability. That is why we are here today and enjoy a chic show and the presentation of powerful tractors. Such events are undoubtedly necessary for communication and exchange of experience between farmers in the region. Many thanks to EkoNiva-Technika for the event, such events in our area have not been held for a long time".

EkoNiva-Technika itself is also a key factor in the performance and reliability of the upgraded John Deere 8R and 8RT tractors. A professional team, an efficient service infrastructure and many years of experience guarantee a high standard of service. For many years EkoNiva-Technika has been a reliable partner for Russian agricultural producers, making their business efficient, successful and technically and technologically advanced.

By Viktor Bargotin

*The event took place in compliance with the prescribed corona regulations.