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FAQ on the delisting of the Ekotechnika share

Ekotechnika AG released an ad-hoc announcement on 27 September 2023, that the Executive Board of Ekotechnika AG, with the approval of the Supervisory Board, decided to withdraw the inclusion of the shares (ISIN: DE000A161234) in the Primary Market (“Primärmarkt”) of the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange and to apply for a full delisting of its shares. The inclusion in the Primary Market of the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange is thus expected to end on 31 October 2023, and the subsequent inclusion of the shares in the Open Market of the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange is expected to end on 30 April 2024. Ekotechnika AG shareholders can find answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

Do I have to sell my Ekotechnika shares now?

No, the shares will remain tradable until 30 April 2024 in any case in the Open Market of the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange. Even after that, you do not have to sell the shares, but fungibility and visibility are severely restricted.

What happens to my shares (as a retail investor) after the (complete) delisting?

The fungibility and visibility of the shares are considerably restricted by the delisting. Shareholders' rights, including the right to participate and exercise voting rights at the Annual General Meeting, remain unchanged. However, after delisting, the shares held can only be sold over the counter if the seller finds a buyer.

Why has the decision only been taken now? The reasons given have been relevant for some time.

We initially hoped that the situation in Ukraine would improve more quickly. From today's perspective, this is not the case. In addition, we unfortunately see that capital market interest in companies with the focus of their operating activities in Russia is likely to remain very low for years to come.

Has the delisting from the Düsseldorf Primary Market ("Primärmarkt) already any impact on general tradability?

No - the shares will in any case remain tradable in the Open Market on the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange for a further six months. However, the delisting from the Primary Market segment of the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange on 31 October 2023 means that the shares will no longer be tradable on XETRA and the Quotation Board of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange from this date.

Will Ekotechnika still report on financial figures or important corporate events in the future? Will there still be an annual report on the 2022/23 financial year that has now ended.

As long as the listing in Düsseldorf exists - i.e. until 30 April 2024 - the publication obligations under capital market laws will continue unchanged. After delisting, the company's annual and consolidated financial statements will continue to be published in accordance with statutory requirements. The further procedure for publishing important corporate news (for example in the form of press releases/corporate news) will then be decided on a case-by-case basis.


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