Ekotechnika employees receive five awards in John Deere competition

Ekotechnika employees receive five awards in John Deere competition

23 November 2021 News from the Company

The Ekotechnika team successfully participated in the "Best Digital Dealer John Deere 2021" competition. 18 teams from Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan competed in the online format during the year. The main objective of the competition was to promote the digitalization of agriculture.


John Deere, the world's leading manufacturer of agricultural, construction and forestry equipment, evaluated the results of the Best Digital Dealer John Deere competition. With the competition, the company wanted to promote the digitalization of agriculture. The competition was held online, with a total of 18 teams from Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Ekotechnika was represented by three teams from different sales regions. The Ekotechnika team from the Black Earth region took the third place and was the only team from Russia to make it to the podium.

The competition consisted of several stages. First, knowledge of the Software Operations Center and the ability to solve practical tasks using John Deere's digital tools were tested. In addition, participants presented their marketing projects to promote digital solutions at the "MarCom Rally". The evaluation of the results in different categories was done independently.

"In the current year, Ekotechnika has made considerable progress in the field of digitalization of agriculture and significantly increased sales of AMS (Agricultural Management Solutions) systems. We offer about 50 digital solutions from John Deere, which enable farms to significantly reduce costs and increase productivity. Ekotechnika specialists have done a tremendous job during the year, documenting about 2.7 million hectares of land in John Deere's database," says Artem Novikov, Head of Smart Farming at Ekotechnika in Russia.

The documentation makes it possible to evaluate the quality of field work and make effective decisions. For example, with the help of yield maps, specialists can create instructions for differentiated sowing and fertilization.

"Today, John Deere's self-propelled AutoTrac technology is in trend, as is the AutoTrac Universal (ATU 300) system, which is compatible with all brands of agricultural machinery. The Section Control system, which allows the material supply to be automatically switched off on areas that have already been worked, is also becoming increasingly popular," continues Artem Novikov.

The Ekotechnika team from the Central Region won the first place in the category "Working with the Operations Center and selling John Deere digital solutions," and the second place went to Ekotechnika-Siberia. In the "MarCom Rally" category, the teams from the Black Earth Region and Siberia presented the best marketing strategies for digital solutions in agriculture.