AgroFarm: generating new ideas

AgroFarm: generating new ideas

23 April 2019 News from the Company

EkoNiva has presented its booth at AgroFarm 2019, the 13th international trade fair. This time, around 400 companies from 30 countries introduced their products and services at Hall 75 of VDNH Exhibition Centre.


Dynamically developing livestock farming was the limelight of AgroFarm this year. Machinery, technologies and their efficient use play an important role in the improvement and further development of dairy farming.‘We always offer farmers the most cutting- edge equipment and service’, says Bjoerne Drechsler, First Deputy Director General of EkoNiva-Tekhnika.


‘For example, we cannot do without forage harvesters and mixing wagons in dairy farming.’ Today, EkoNiva-Tekhnika Holding in cooperation with BvL offers an exciting solution to optimise the cattle feeding process — the V-DAIRY Feeder system.‘This is an outstanding innovation allowing to monitor all feeding-related processes’, says Ivan Balakhontsev, Sales Department Manager of Kirov branch office of EkoNiva-Tekhnika. ‘For example, it adjusts diets as soon as the forage quality changes. All you need is an electronic device which has Internet access.’

Two large farms in Kirov oblast have already been using the system in test mode, and we have the first positive reviews. No doubt, it is the system of the future. And it should be noted that the ability, willingness and capacity to offer state-of-the-art solutions are exactly the reasons why clients and partners value EkoNiva so much.

Krasny Mayak farm (Yaroslavl oblast) is engaged in dairy and crop farming. It is a progressive enterprise determined to expand and upgrade. EkoNiva-Tekhnika has supplied over 80% of its machinery. The fleet consists mostly of John Deere and JCB machines. The farm managers explain that the choice of the dealer is caused by three factors: service quality, genuine partnership and the company’s credibility in all respects.

‘In our fields, we sow only EkoNiva’s seeds’, says Vasiliy Finogeyev, Farm Manager. ‘We have been purchasing cereal seeds from EkoNiva for many years and have always been content with the result. Next season, we are also going to try forage grasses — alfalfa, in particular. We hope to succeed as the seeds are of high quality, indeed.’ EkoNiva-Semena puts a lot of effort into searching and studying new varieties. Varieties from over 40 plant breeding centres are currently in production or undergoing trials.‘Now maize is one of the prospective markets’, says Evgeniy Kucheryavenko, Deputy Executive Director of EkoNiva-Semena. ‘At the moment we have an agreement with a few distributors, and we are planning to work on 10 hybrids simultaneously.’

EkoNiva-Semena is known all over Russia, from Kaliningrad to the Far East. The company offers an impressive seed portfolio: cereals, pulses, perennial and annual forage grasses. Positive feedback from numerous clients is a testament to the prominent quality of the seeds.

‘We have been working with EkoNiva-Semena and EkoNiva-Tekhnika for many years’, says Nikolay Kharkin, Manager of Agrofirma Sredneivkino (Kirov oblast).


‘We have a large farm with a 90-year history. We constantly purchase and upgrade our machinery, we buy quality seeds. We value only reliable partners and we are satisfied with our partnership with EkoNiva.’

By Tatjana Ignatenko
Source: Ekoniva News 63
Translation from Russian