Opening of the decade

Opening of the decade

10 June 2021 News from the Company

The summer began at Ekotechnika with the long-awaited opening of a service center in Dobrino, Voronezh region.


"Fifteen years ago we opened our first service center in Liski and at that time it seemed huge and as if it would more than satisfy all farmers' needs," recalls Elena Levina, deputy managing director of EkoNivaTekhnika holding. "But Russian agriculture has developed enormously over the years and the needs of our partners have also grown considerably. Thanks to the opening of the new service center, we will be able to better provide agribusinesses with necessary spare parts, maintain machinery in a timely manner and familiarize farmers with modern technologies."

The Dobrino service center is the largest in the region. It is located on an area of five hectares. More than 1,000 square meters in size, the spare parts warehouse has a range of about 730,000 items from 80 brands. There are 12 repair stations in the workshop. The customer field service is equipped with a fleet of 21 vehicles. If required, a service employee can be at the customer's site in less than 90 minutes.

"Our many years of experience as agricultural machinery dealers have shown that, in addition to reliable sophisticated agricultural machinery, qualified and, above all, timely after-sales service is just as important ", adds Sergey Storozhev, Managing Director of EkoNiva-Technika in the Black Earth Region. "We set a goal to create a well-developed network of service centers and we are fulfilling this task."

The opening of the new service center in Dobrino will raise the quality of service to a whole new level. Seminars, conferences as well as equipment presentations will be held at its base. There is a workshop here for the reconditioning of engines and a paint shop. In 2022, a laboratory for the chemical analysis of soils will be put into operation. Even the in-house production of spare parts is being considered.

The opening ceremony was attended by Igor Kirnos, chairman of the Liski district council. He emphasized that the new service center will continue Ekotechnika's long successful history in the region. About 40 new jobs will be created, young people's interest in agriculture will be aroused and the next generation of workers will be encouraged. In Liski district, more than 7,000 people work in agriculture or related sectors. According to Igor Kirnos, the development of the agricultural sector is essential for the preservation and development of rural settlements.

"It is also important that high labor standards have been implemented in the construction of this center and workplaces," adds Gennady Nepomnyashchy, Commercial Director of EkoNiva-Tekhnika Holding. "Spacious workshops with good lighting, ventilation and modern equipment will attract young people. Labor productivity will increase. Machines maintained at this level will work even more efficiently in our partners' fields."

The demand for highly qualified services for modern agricultural machinery is growing steadily in the region. All our workshops were working at up to 130 % capacity during the winter months. In the "Dobrino" service center, it becomes possible to service up to 50 agricultural machines per month.

"We always look to the future," continues Gennady Nepomniashchy. "We hope that the needs of farmers in the Voronezh region will be fully satisfied by the new service center for at least the next 10 years."