Digital reality

Digital reality

22 July 2021 News from the Company

The business webinars that EkoNiva-Tekhnika organizes for its customers have now become an efficient means for the longed-for exchange of information on all issues related to agribusiness. Leading experts in the world of agricultural machinery are regularly invited to these virtual events, and they are happy to share their knowledge and experience with the participants.


"Our partners - the manufacturers of modern machinery - contribute great ideas for the new era," says Sergey Skrobkin, sales manager of EkoNiva-Tekhnika. "As a dealer, EkoNiva is committed to providing quality service and equipping customers with comprehensive information. The webinar project is our new digital reality. It is designed to help farmers understand the farm machinery markets as well as the specialists at the big farms do."

Experienced dairy producers are convinced that healthy feed and modern technical solutions are essential in agribusiness. For example, feeding systems play an essential role when it comes to profitability within milk production. Thus, the fifth webinar was dedicated to modern trends in feed preparation. Animal health, welfare and productivity depend on both their management and the quality of the feed.

"Proper nutrition is a constant for herd health," said Aleksandr Zernov, regional director for Pöttinger in Russia, whose machines cover the entire spectrum of cutting, turning, windrowing, baling and chopping. "The entire feed preparation process should work like Swiss clockwork to ensure maximum productivity."

Harvesters play an important role in forage preparation. Ivan Bayak, regional manager at John Deere, presented the new 8000 Series combine, which features exceptional performance, excellent quality, cab comfort, reliability, maneuverability and cost efficiency. The series includes six models with power ranging from 380 to 625 hp.

ROC specialists also offer effective and profitable solutions for forage preparation.

"ROC rakes are an excellent tool for improving qualitative and economic results," says Vyacheslav Kalinovskiy, general director of ROC RUS. "A windrower is one of the most important links in the chain of forage preparation, which, with the right choice of model, helps to preserve nutrients in the best possible way."

The RT1000 continuous rake manufactured by ROC is the most popular product of its kind in the world.

The webinar also provided an overview of John Deere's W200 self-propelled rakes. In Russia, the manufacturer presented two models of the series - the John Deere W235 and the John Deere W260.

In addition, Sergey Plotnikov, head of the sales department of the Tula branch of EkoNiva-Tekhnika, presented the John Deere V461M. Dr. agr. Willi Drews, EkoNiva consultant, informed the audience about the latest crop-specific cultivation technologies using state-of-the-art machinery, addressing forage quality, preparation and technical issues in the cutting process.

Careful planning and strict controls are essential for a modern operation. With a reliable partner and powerful machinery at your side, these processes are significantly simplified and much more efficient.