New machinery

The sale of new agricultural machines is the core business activity of EkoNiva-Technika. The most important product group for an agricultural machinery dealer are tractors, followed by self-propelled combine harvesters and pulled equipment. We have an exclusive partnership with John Deere in tractors, combine and forage harvesters, which make the biggest contribution to sales revenues. Our distribution partnership with the world’s largest manufacturer dates back to the year 2004. Today, we are one of the top three John Deere dealers in Europe. In addition, we sell products from other world-leading manufacturers such as AGI, JCB, Väderstad, BvL, Lemken, Poettinger and Grimme. Our portfolio comprises a diverse range of products, e.g. tractors, combine harvesters, self-propelled sprayers, sowing machines, soil working machines and fodder harvesting machines. Our state-of-the-art precision farming equipment thus supports farmers from sowing to harvesting.

The satellite-based agricultural management solutions (AMS) can be used across the complete John Deere fleet. These solutions not only facilitate precise tillage and drilling down to the last centimetre but also allow farmers to prepare yield maps during threshing. The results are significant efficiency gains, complete documentation of everyday operations and greatly reduced consumption of materials and supplies. Due to its large expanses of fields, the Russian agricultural sector benefits particularly from the use of this modern technology. These components can be used on new and existing equipment and benefit from ongoing service by EkoNiva’s service engineers.

In the financial year 2011/2012, a separate company (EkoNiva Farm) was established to handle the sale of machinery and equipment for dairy production and was sold in 2016 to EkoNiva APK Holding LLC.

As per 31 january 2018