Investor Relations

Investment highlights

  • Ekotechnika AG is the largest distributor of imported agricultural machinery in Russia and has proven to be a trusted and reliable partner to local farmers in a highly competitive environment.
  • Building on partnership with manufacturers of cutting-edge agricultural technology, Ekotechnika satisfies the demand for increasingly complex and comprehensive agricultural machinery solutions.
  • Ekotechnika AG’s strong spare parts and service business is characterized by promptness and reliability, allowing the company to increase customer satisfaction and, consequently, customer retention.
  • Ekotechnika is a pioneer in the practical application of Smart Farming solutions and will expand this business segment over the next few years in order to further improve customer retention and to optimally position itself for the digital future


Current share price

We succeeded in establishing supply relationships with numerous alternative producer – primarily from China, India, Russia and Turkey – during fiscal year 2021/2022. We have also expanded our machinery portfolio.

Stefan Dürr, CEO of Ekotechnika AG