Executive Board of Ekotechnika AG

Stefan Dürr

Stefan Dürr is founder, Managing Partner and member of the Executive Board of Ekotechnika AG. Stefan Dürr studied geo-ecology at Bayreuth University and was the first Western European trainee to go to Russia at the age of 25. In 1994, with support from the Federal Agriculture Ministry, he initiated the German-Russian Dialogue on Agricultural Policy, whose project coordinator he still is. He also acted as a consultant to agricultural committees of the Federation Council and the Duma of the Russian Federation. In 1998, he started trading agricultural machinery and turned EkonivaTechnika, which has been spun off in the meantime, into the market leader of the sector. Stefan Dürr is also Managing Partner and CEO of Ekosem-Agrar GmbH, Walldorf, as well as President of its Russian subsidiary Ekoniva. In 2009, Stefan Dürr was awarded the Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany in recognition of his outstanding contributions to establishing and fostering German-Russian relationships in the agricultural sector.

Björne Drechsler

Björne Drechsler has been a member of the Executive Board of Ekotechnika AG since March 1, 2017. He studied at HWR Berlin and graduated in business economics. Following a position in financial controlling at Schattdecor AG, he was appointed president and CEO of GEA Farm Technologies Russia, a Russian subsidiary of the German GEA group, in 2005. In the past 18 months he also headed GEA AG’s entire Equipment Sales activities in Russia and Central Asia. Björne Drechsler is fluent in Russian and very familiar with both Russian culture and the farming equipment business as a result of his long-standing background in selling GEA process technology. Moreover, he is well versed and experienced in managing companies in Russia.

Management of EkoNiva-Technika

Elena Levina      

General Manager              

Regional Managers

Gennadij Nepomnjaschij   Denis Kondratjew           Iwan Worobjew

   Central Russia                                 Sibir                                                 Voronezh